Spinner Bangle


Sterling Silver Bangle with twisting Copper and Brass Rings

Bangle diameter: 63 mm & 15 mm wide

Gem size: 4 mm

2x Garnet, 3 x Peridot, 3 x Amethyst, 2 x Citrine



This handcrafted spinner bangle is inspired by my spinner rings. It is a great present for a worrier, and is said to take away all worries and stresses with one spin. The bands on the bangle spin around the bangle itself.

This bangle has a hammered Sterling Silver base and the spinning rings are made out of brass and copper. All the gems are set in Sterling Silver bezels.

The gems are 4mm round:

2x Garnet, 3 x Peridot, 3 x Amethyst, 2 x Citrine

This item is handmade and comes in a beautiful gift box.

About the gems:

Garnet is the birthstone for January and the stone that celebrates the 2nd anniversary of marriage.

The August birthstone, Peridot, symbolizes strength. Its believed that the energies of this stone will infuse you with high intellect, fighting skills, and strategic thinking.

Amethyst is the birthstone of February. Amethyst crystals are said to bring wealth and invoke a strong business sense to their owner.

Citrine is the birthstone of November. The gem is associated with the values of hope, cheerfulness, youth, health, and fidelity.