Sky Blue Topaz Ring


Sky Blue Topaz in Sterling Silver

Ring size US :  8

Gem size: 5 mm



This comfortable Sterling Silver band features a 5 mm sky-blue Topaz from Brazil. The ring size is US 8.

This statement piece is handmade and comes in a beautiful gift box.

About Topaz:

Mohs scale hardness: 8

Topaz in it’s natural state is a golden brown to yellow, a characteristic which means it is sometimes confused with the less valuable gemstone Citrine.

Naturally occurring blue Topaz is quite rare. Typically, colourless, gray or pale yellow and blue material is heat treated and irradiated to produce a more desired darker blue. According to a well-known gem and jewelry industry magazine, “Colored Stone”, since the early 2000’s, blue Topaz has become the second most popular gemstone in the world.

Yellow Topaz is the modern November birthstone and blue Topaz is the modern December birthstone.