Rubellite Ring

$450.00 $359.00

Rubellite in Sterling Silver

Ring size US :  8.5

Gem size: 8 mm



I was so happy to find this beautiful Rubellite, it sparkles in purplish pink tones and is absolutely stunning. The slightly included gem itself measures 8 mm and I set it in a Sterling Silver bezel. To emphasize its rare beauty I used gold plating around the gem. The ring size is US 8.5.

This statement piece is handmade and comes in a beautiful gift box.

About Rubellite:

Mohs scale hardness: 7-7.5

Rubellite is a transparent gemstone from the colourful family of the Tourmalines. It’s colour can vary from purplish red to dramatic pink, and it’s name comes from the Latin word “rubellus” which means reddish. It is the most prized and expensive member of the Tourmaline family because of its beauty and rarity.  Rubellite can be found  in USA, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Brazil and Afghanistan.

It is believed that this gem gives you an unlimited supply of enthusiasm, inspiration and drive. This stone carries energies of passion and love. When you carry this gem you will love what you do, and you will do what you love.

Rubellite is the natural birthstone of those born in mid-autumn (October 22 – November 20).

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