Morganite Pendant


Morganite in Sterling Silver

Pendant size  37 x 16 mm

Gem size: 21 x 15 mm



Here, I framed a unique rough Morganite crystal in a Sterling Silver bezel and created this beautiful pendant.

The crystal measures 21 x 15 mm and the pendant’s size is 37 x 16.

This piece is handmade and comes in a beautiful gift box.


About Morganite

Mohs scale hardness: 7.5 – 8

Morganite is the soft peachy-pink variety of Beryl; you can get yellow and greenish Beryls too, but the most popular form of Beryl is the Aquamarine. It is named after the gem collector (and US banker) JP Morgan and can be found in a range of places including Brazil and Madagascar.

Morganite attunes to the heart and the Heart Chakra. It gently cleanses the heart, opening it to unconditional love, unfulfilled emotional needs and unexpressed feelings. It dissolves any egotism that might be blocking spiritual advancement. Morganite also prevents the wearer from taking on the suffering of others.