Azurite Malachite Ring


Azurite and Malachite in 925 Sterling Silver

Ring size US: 7.5




This Sterling Silver ring features a beautiful Azurite Malachite cabochon. The ring size is: 7.5

This eye-catcher is handmade, all stones are natural and come in a beautiful gift box with unique silk pouch.

About Azurite Malachite:

Mohs scale hardness: 3-4

Azurite-malachite is a blend of two distinct and popular gems: the deep, almost lapis-like blues of azurite and the variegated green shades of banded malachite. These two copper-based gemstones are frequently found in copper mines, or near mines of other copper-based gemstones such as turquoise and chrysocolla.

Azurite, sometimes called a “stone of heaven”, is commonly believed to provide insight into all areas of life, promote intuition, stimulate creativity, dissolve impediments and soften cold intellectualism with love and compassion. Malachite, with its striking green bands of color, has been said to encourage action, enact change, heal heartache, enhance creativity, increase fertility and protect the spirit.

Clean azurite-malachite with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth, as even a soft toothbrush can scratch this stone. Avoid steam or ultrasonic cleaners as they can ruin the colors and damage the surface of azurite-malachite. Keep away from hot water, ovens and other hot surfaces. Do not leave in the sun.



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Weight 13.25 g

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