Silver Care

The easiest and most effective storage solution for your jewellery is to place it in individual air-tight bags or containers.

Give your sterling silver jewellery a quick wash with soap and water.

Some surface dirt can be removed with alcohol.

Never use toothpaste or abrasive commercial cleaners on silver jewellery, as they can pit silver.

Plated Jewellery Care

Anything plated will eventually turn with time and wear. I do recommend the following:

REMOVE AT NIGHT. Don't sleep with plated jewellery, night sweat and the extra rubbing against the skin will cause the plating to wear off faster.

DO NOT CLEAN WITH CHEMICALS. Plating is much more delicate than pure metals. Clean often to keep shine and remove sweat and dirt that will cause items to fade. Use a damp cloth and wipe down gently, the use a clean towel to dry. When cleaning chains, hold by the clasp and do not tug at the chain or you run the risk of breaking the clasp. For anything with stones, wipe gently, do not rub. Be careful with corners or edges that can catch the towel and damage the item. Do not use any chemicals to clean any plated item. Chemicals will fade the plating.

STORE JEWELLERY IN A DRY AREA. The restroom is not an ideal place as the humidity thins the plating.