Fashion Collection: Lavender Ring

  • Type:
  • Ring
  • Material:
  • Brass
  • Stone:
  • Amethyst, Rhodolite
  • Plating:
  • Ruthenium & 14 K Gold
  • Stone Weight:
  • 12.80 ct
  • Item Weight (incl stone):
  • 7.70 g

I love the natural look of this big Brazilian amethyst, with white swirls that resemble clouds.
Amethyst is my favourite stone and I complimented this 12.4 carat cabochon piece with 8 rhodolite garnets, all nicely facetted and set by hand.

To show the purplish shade of the rhodolites, I framed them with a gold-plated bezel. The ring sits very comfortably on the hand.

The garnet is the birthstone for all people born in January, and amethyst is the birthstone for people born in February.

This ring is perfect for summer!

C $ 75