Fashion Collection: Moonstone Stuckring

  • Type:
  • Ring
  • Material:
  • Brass
  • Stone:
  • grey Moonestone
  • Plating:
  • Ruthenium & 14 K Gold
  • Stone Weight:
  • 3.85 ct
  • Item Weight (incl stone):
  • 3.40 g

On the fine solitaire ring shimmers a 10 mm round grey Moonstone.

The moonstone is associated with the moon and was the stone of the goddess Diana. Moonstones belong to the group of feldspars and are best made into cabochons because of their structure.

The term solitaire is French for loner or solitary and so I wanted to express this ring with one single gemstone, which is traditionally a diamond, but I love colour stones and wanted to change the look a bit, therefore I choose grey cabochon.

C $ 50